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Herbal Remedies by J. is a successful, family run business based in Yorkshire, that offers dried herbs, herbal smoking blends and  herbal ‘tea’ blends to customers across the UK and beyond.

We focus only on herbs as we believe they are the spirit of Mother Earth, working plants, giving us nourishment for our minds and bodies, helping us stay in harmony with a nature.

We are passionate about healthy lifestyle, seeking out the best herbs from the top producers around the world.  We have large ranges of dried herbs online, much larger than you could find on the high street or in your local supermarket. And we continue to research and explore more and more herbs from around the world, to bring YOU everything you need to thrive. Our mission is to make those herbs more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Take a look around in our shop – we hope you enjoy it.

Herbal Remedies by J.




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